Josh Tycko

Systematic discovery of protein functions in human cells to understand gene regulation and enable genetic medicine

Gene delivery


The sound of silence: Transgene silencing in mammalian cell engineering.

A Cabera*, HI Edelstein*, F Glykofrydis*, KS Love*, S Palacios*, J Tycko*, M Zhang*, S Lensch, CE Shields, M Livingston, R Weiss, H Zhao, K Haynes, L Morsut, YY Chen, AS Khalil, W Wong, J Collins, S Rosser, K Polizzi, M Elowitz, M Fussenegger, IB Hilton, JN Leonard, L Bintu, KE Galloway, TL Deans

Cell Systems, 2022

Systematic discovery of recombinases for efficient integration of large DNA sequences into the human genome.

Matthew Durrant*, Alison Fanton*, Josh Tycko*, Michaela Hinks, Sita Chandrasekaran, Nicholas T Perry, Julia M. Schaepe, Peter P. Du, Peter Lotfy, Michael Bassik, Lacramioara Bintu, Ami Bhatt, Patrick Hsu

Nature Biotechnology, 2022

Adeno-Associated Virus Vector-Mediated Expression of Antirespiratory Syncytial Virus Antibody Prevents Infection in Mouse Airways.

Josh Tycko, V. Adam, M. Crosariol, J. Ohlstein, Julio C. Sanmiguel, A. Tretiakova, Soumitra Roy, S. Worgall, James M. Wilson, M. Limberis

Human gene therapy, 2021

Lessons Learned from the Clinical Development and Market Authorization of Glybera

Laura M. Bryant*, Devin M. Christopher*, April R. Giles*, Christian Hinderer*, Jesse L. Rodriguez*, Jenessa B. Smith*, Elizabeth A. Traxler*, Josh Tycko*, Adam P. Wojno*, James M. Wilson

Human gene therapy. Clinical development, vol. 24(2), 2013 Apr 12, pp. 55-64

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