Josh Tycko

Systematic discovery of protein functions in human cells to understand gene regulation and enable gene therapy


Josh Tycko

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Department of Genetics

Stanford University

Josh Tycko

Systematic discovery of protein functions in human cells to understand gene regulation and enable gene therapy

Department of Genetics

Stanford University


I develop new high-throughput, synthetic biology technologies to manipulate and measure human gene regulation.

I love taking systematic experimental approaches that enable progress towards a quantitative understanding of gene expression while keeping the door open for unexpected biological discoveries. Recently, we developed a new approach, HT-recruit, to measure how domains from all proteins in the human nucleus can affect gene expression when recruited to a target gene. We discovered transcriptional effector domains in 600 human proteins and shed new light on the evolution of major transcription factor families, like KRAB and Hox.

My long-term goal is to apply this knowledge to develop safe gene therapies that cure diseases. I have employed a variety of high-throughput methods to better measure, model, and mitigate CRISPR gene editing off-target activity, working in both academia and at a biotech startup.

I am currently working on my Ph.D. in the labs of Michael Bassik and Lacra Bintu with support from the NIH F99/K00 Fellowship.  At Stanford, I am a teaching assistant for a course on the science and bioethics of CRISPR, was an instructor for a hands-on cell engineering lab, and mentor our amazing iGEM team. As a BioFutures Fellow and co-leader of The Genetics Advocacy Committee, I collaborated with fellow trainees to critically analyze and improve graduate STEM training.

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Large-scale discovery of recombinases for integrating DNA into the human genome

Matthew G. Durrant*, Alison Fanton*, Josh Tycko*, Michaela Hinks, Sita S. Chandrasekaran, Nicholas T. Perry, Julia Schaepe, Peter P. Du, Peter Lotfy, Michael C. Bassik#, Lacramioara Bintu#, Ami S. Bhatt#, Patrick D. Hsu#

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Modeling the efficacy of CRISPR gene drive for schistosomiasis control

Richard E Grewelle, Javier Perez-Saez, Josh Tycko, Erica Ko Namigai, Chloe G Rickards, Giulio A De Leo

bioRxiv, 2021 Sep 28

A genome-wide genetic screen uncovers novel determinants of human pigmentation

Bajpai Vk, Swigut T, Mohammed J, Tycko J, Naqvi S, Arreola M, Kim T, Arora N, Pritchard Jk, Bassik Mc, Wyscoka J

bioRxiv, 2021 Aug 30

Adeno-Associated Virus Vector-Mediated Expression of Antirespiratory Syncytial Virus Antibody Prevents Infection in Mouse Airways.

Josh Tycko, Virginie S Adam, Marco Crosariol, Jason Ohlstein, Julio Sanmiguel, Anna P Tretiakova, Soumitra Roy, Stefan Worgall, James M Wilson, Maria P Limberis

Human Gene Therapy, 2021 Jul 19

Direct profiling of genome-wide dCas9 and Cas9 specificity using ssDNA mapping (CasKAS)

Marinov Gk, Kim Sh, Bagdatli St, Trevino Ae, Tycko J, Wu T, Bintu L, Bassik Mc, He C, He C, Kundaje A, Greenleaf Wj

bioRxiv, 2021 Mar 16

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